EC-based online TV station…COMING SOON!

East London-based multimedia production company, Vamuch Trading and Projects, promises to shape the Eastern Cape’s media landscape with its online TV station, Mpuma TV. The brainchild of husband and wife duo, Legae and Nomathamsanqa Sekakwane, aims to showcase local productions and promote the province as a suitable destination to work, play and invest.

 “There’s a notion that only negative content sells but we believe that’s not the case. Hence our focus on Mpuma TV is geared to changing the way our [Eastern Cape] province is perceived,” Legae says.

In order to bolster production capacity, the duo have roped in nine young creatives to fast track the TV project ahead of the planned rollout in November 2016. The added capacity is a result of a partnership with the Media, Information and Communication Technologies Sector Education and Training Authority (MICT SETA) and the National Electronic Media Institute of South Africa (NEMISA).

“Our affiliation with ECITI has assisted in securing these partnerships; whereby NEMISA facilitates course work with MICT SETA while we act as one of the work place [on-the-job] training providers. Consequently, we had the liberty of handpicking the nine students to train from NEMISA’s pool of students from the Eastern Cape.

“Within three months, our young creatives have become a close knit family. Their input has brought a fresh approach to Vamuch, and now we have capacity to produce a lot more content that can be screened on Mpuma TV,” explains Legae.

“They are absorbing all of our industry secrets and have given us the confidence to delegate scriptwriting, editing and directing tasks to them. We are looking to employ all nine interns once they graduate next year,” he adds.

Besides receiving assistance from ECITI with the MICT SETA and NEMISA partnership, “we also benefit from ECITI workshops which keep us up to date with industry trends. We also receive invaluable advice on areas such as intellectual property, registration of patents and the importance of protecting an idea on a global scale,” Legae says.

Other than film production, Vamuch offers services in marketing, radio production, graphic design as well as events management. Over the past five years, Vamuch has proudly utilised its events and initiatives as a platform to promote youth development programmes by showcasing creative arts and talent shows. Importantly, Vamuch has been devoted to assisting non-profit organisations with fundraising through marketing campaigns. One such project assisted by Vamuch is World Vision which creates community development programmes for children who reside in disadvantaged communities.

“These community-based projects provide an escape for youth who are plagued by the constant cycle of violence and crime. Our interventions [as Vamuch] assist such programmes in creating role models who take a proactive approach in changing their communities,” Legae says.

“While our content is strictly local, we’re designing and packaging our programmes in a way that will have an appeal to an international audience,” Legae ends.