Film makers show off in Mdantsane

Local film enthusiasts were in full force at the Buffalo City segment of the ECITI Eastern Cape Film Forum Workshop and Screening.

More than 40 film producers and emerging artists come out to gain valuable information from experienced industry players at the Mdantsane Art Centre on the 1st April 2016.

Veteran journalist and South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) Television News Editor, Thami Dickson, was in attendance and inspired delegates on how to perfect the art of storytelling in visual arts. Other notable speakers included Nomaswazi Mtshibe from the Eastern Cape Film Office’s Manager, Kulise Youth Dance Theatre’s programme manager Aubrey Silinyana, and Eastern Cape Film Festival’s director Ncena Mqolomba;

“Through these film workshops and screenings, one can notice the positive change in the level of interest emerging film producers and artists have on the sector. Film makers become engaged at the workshops and show an interest on improving the quality of their productions by heeding to the advice given by experienced film players,” says Mgwigwi.

ECITI also benefits from these workshops as these provide a platform to promote and reach potential candidates for its incubation programme. These prospect candidates also get an opportunity to understand why incubation is important for small enterprises and how they can benefit from being part of ECITI developmental programmes.

Films showcased in Mdantsane

A total of nine feature films were screened at the workshop held in Mdantsane and portrayed a range of issues from social economic problems to cyber romance stories.

“The Crush”  | Genre: Short film | Director: Lwandiso Magwentshu/Babalwa Ngcivana

Running Time: 29 min

“The Crush” is about a young boy who is looking for love and creates an alternative personality on social media to try and win over the girl he adores.

“Ubomi bam” | Genre: Short film | Director: Aubrey Silinyana

Running Time: 40 min

“Ubomi bam” is a short educational film about a female who battles with unfaithfulness from her husband, infection with a sexually transmitted disease, a close friend undergoing advanced cervical cancer chemotherapy and nosy neighbours.

“Ukuthwala: This must be stopped!! | Genre: Short film | Director: Ben Nomoyi

Running Time: 25 min

A film about a daughter who is going through trials and tribulations but remembers the advice her parents gave her in order to overcome her problems.

“Miracle Child” | Genre: Documentary | Director: Sizwe Nduzulwana

Running Time: 48 minutes

This is a story Vuyolwethu who was born with a deadly condition known as spina bifida. Doctors told his mother that he only has seven years to live. The documentary captures Vuyolwethu as a 23-year old and shows his journey through life as a national sportsman in weight-lifting and archery.

“Iingcinga” | Genre: Short film | Director: V. Munyenge Eyambe

Running Time: 5 min

Iingcinga is fashion film which focuses on a young lady that became really successful in the big city. She has forgotten her traditional upbringing and then is reminded of where she comes from through small experiences. The film has no dialogue and the story is told through brilliant visuals.

“Ukophuka komphefumlo” | Genre: Short Film | Director: Nondumiso Mtebele/Ronald Marembo

Running Time: 42 min

This is a story about 18-year old Zimkhitha who contracts HIV. When she learns of her HIV status, she is shattered and blames everyone including God

“Qula: The making of a man” | Genre: Short film trailer | Director: Aubrey Silinyana

Running Time: 4 min

Qula is a film which portrays the passage of three boys who are about to undergo their cultural circumcision rite.

 “Self-love” | Genre: Short film | Director: Gcinubuntu Siwendu

Running Time : 15 min 44 sec

The story is about 21-year old Cindy who battles against losing self-worth and self-value by forgetting about materialist objects and finding true love.

“Mlungisi: The hangman story”  | Genre: Short film | Director: Cumani Maneli

Running Time : 29 min

Mlungisi township in Queenstown was once terrorised by a serial killer. Police are misled into thinking that they have captured the culprit but in fact they arrest the wrong manr. The real killer goes on a rampage again and police do everything to catch the criminal.

Upcoming dates 

Make sure to make yourself available for upcoming Eastern Cape Film Forum workshop and screening dates. Keep tabs with ECITI’s website and Facebook page for more information.

Sarah Baartman: Grahamstown | 20 May 2016

Joe Qqabi: Aliwal North | 10- 12  June 2016 |08:30 – 19: 30

Nelson Mandela Bay: Port Elizabeth | 17 June 2016

Amathole: Alice | 1 July 2016

Workshops and screenings are a build up towards two film festivals to be held on East London (August) and Port St Johns (November).

Eastern Cape Film Festival: East London | August 2016

Township Film Festival: Port St Johns | November 2016