Safe Pass focuses on road safety

Unsafe overtaking continues to cause horrific car accidents on South African roads; but these fatalities may be a thing of the past when ShirlCorp’s Safe Pass application reaches the commercial market.

ShirlCorp director and brainchild of Safe Pass, Barrington Shirley, wanted to create an application that assists drivers to make better decisions as to when it is safe to overtake a slow moving obstructive vehicle, by giving drivers a view of oncoming traffic.

“The inspiration behind Safe Pass came from my own frustration when stuck behind a slow moving truck and trying to get a glimpse of the road ahead by moving over into oncoming traffic. Then I reached a light-bulb moment when I saw a programme about work being done by Samsung in their robotics division, and this gave me an idea of what technology I could use to explore my idea,” Shirley explains.

Shirley is in talks with potential funders for capital needed to refine the design, lodge an application for intellectual property, develop a business plan, run tests on additional prototypes, secure requisite certifications and advance to the pre-production phase.

Currently, the application is in its prototype phase and a field test has been conducted that has highlighted some glitches that need improvement. ShirlCorp has produced one prototype since commencing with the project, but has set its sights on reaching pre-production by 2017.

The company, established in 2013, will create 20 job opportunities for ICT practitioners when Safe Pass reaches commercial stage. The company also plans on targeting vehicle manufacturers to incorporate Safe Pass into their vehicles.

Besides developing applications, ShirlCorp offers services in telecommunications and end-user computing, while also providing computer and technical consulting to SMMEs at affordable rates.